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Royal Gala苹果挂树成熟时间、收获时间和采后气调贮藏干物质含量变化关系

来源: Peter MA Toivone  发布日期: 2020-10-09  访问量: 176

对苹果园的树上成熟度进行了两年(2016年和2017年)的商业“Royal Gala”苹果园监测,结果发现2017年与2016年相比进展更快。使用手持式红外光谱仪预测干物质,2016年干物质含量(相对于新鲜重量)为18.2%,2017年为14.7%...
标签: 苹果采后、干物质、气调保鲜、Safepod

Dry matter content association with time of on-tree maturation, quality at harvest and changes

in quality after controlled atmosphere storage for ‘Royal Gala’ apples

Royal Gala苹果挂树成熟时间、收获时间和采后气调贮藏干物质含量变化关系

 Dr. Peter M.A. Toivonen 、 Ms. Brenda Lannard

On-tree maturation was monitored in a commercial ‘Royal Gala’ apple orchard in two separate years (2016 and 2017) and was found to advance more quickly in 2017 as compared with 2016. Dry matter was predicted using a handheld infrared spectrometer and dry matter content (relative to fresh weight) was 18.2 % in 2016 and 14.7 % in 2017. The lower average dry matter content in 2017 was hypothesized to be associated with accelerated maturation on the tree. Apples were harvested for storage testing, in both years, at a target maturity at which internal ethylene levels had reached approximately 1 µL L-1, starch clearing index was between 2-4 on the Cornell starch chart and IAD value (measure of relative chlorophyll content in the peel) was approximately 0.5. Consequent, instrumentally measured flesh quality changes were monitored after ultra-low oxygen CA storage (0.7 kPa O2 + 1.0 kPa CO2) at 0.5 °C for 3 and 6 months. The firmness, soluble solids and titratable acidity were much higher in the apples from the 2016 harvest. While these quality measures declined during 3 and 6 months of storage, they were consistently higher in the apples from the 2016 season. These results show that when dry matter contents were higher for ‘Royal Gala’ apples from this orchard, harvest maturity was delayed and fruit were much firmer and had higher contents of soluble solids and somewhat higher titratable acidity at harvest and after ultra-low oxygen CA storage for up to 6 months.

对苹果园的树上成熟度进行了两年(2016年和2017年)的商业“Royal Gala”苹果园监测,结果发现2017年与2016年相比进展更快。使用手持式红外光谱预测干物质,2016年干物质含量(相对于新鲜重量)为18.2%,2017年为14.7%。2017年较低的平均干物质含量被假设与树木的加速成熟有关。在这两年中,苹果都是在目标成熟期收获的,在这个成熟度内乙烯含量达到约1µL-1,淀粉清除指数在康奈尔淀粉图上介于2-4之间,IAD值(果皮中相对叶绿素含量的测量)约为0.5。随后,在0.5℃下超低氧CA贮藏(0.7kPaO2+1.0kPaCO2)3个月和6个月后,对仪器测量的肉质变化进行监测。2016年收获的苹果的硬度、可溶性固形物和可滴定酸度要高得多。虽然这些质量指标在贮藏3个月和6个月期间有所下降,但从2016年开始,苹果的质量指标一直较高。结果表明,当果园‘Royal Gala’苹果干物质含量较高时,果实成熟期推迟,果实更结实,可溶性固形物含量更高,可滴定酸度稍高,贮藏6个月。