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来源: Thewes, F. R et al  发布日期: 2022-01-05  访问量: 28

在最小的氧气条件下储存水果对保持最佳的水果质量至关重要。然而,水果的最佳氧分压因几个因素而不同,如物种、栽培品种、收获成熟度、温度、生长季节和贮藏期。基于这些因素,开发了贮藏技术,允许检测氧气下限(LOL)并在最低的最佳氧分压下贮藏水果。一种新兴的技术被称为动态控制气氛(DCA)。在商业上,有四种DCA系统使用。[1] 基于乙醇生产和积累的DCA(DCA-Eth);[2] 基于叶绿素荧光的DCA(DCA-CF);基于呼吸商数的DCA(DCA-RQ)和[4] 仅基于CO2生产的DCA(DCA-CD)...
标签: DCA动态气调、水果低氧反应、DCA-RQ、LabPod

Dynamic controlled atmosphere: A review of methods for monitoring fruit responses to low oxygen


Thewes, F. R., Wood, R. M., Both, V. ., Keshri, N., Geyer, M., Pansera-Espíndola, B. ., Hagemann, M. H. ., Brackmann, A. ., Wünsche, J. N. ., & Neuwald, D. A.

Fábio Rodrigos Thewes Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil

Rachael Maree Wood Competence Centre for Fruit Growing at Lake Constance (KOB), Ravensburg, Germany

Vanderlei Both Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil 

Nandita Keshri Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), Potsdam, Germany 

Martin Geyer Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), Potsdam, Germany 

Bruno Pansera-Espíndola Catarinense Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, Santa Rosa do Sul, Brazil 

Michale Helmut Hagemann University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany 

Auri Brackmann Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil 

Jens Norbert Wünsche University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

Daniel Alexandre Neuwald Competence Centre for Fruit Growing at Lake Constance (KOB), Ravensburg, Germany 



The storage of fruit at minimum oxygen condition is crucial for optimal fruit quality maintenance. However, the optimal oxygen partial pressure of fruit varies according to several factors such as species, cultivar, harvest maturity, temperature, growing season and storage period. Based on these factors, storage technologies were developed that allow for the detection of the lower oxygen limit (LOL) and the storage of fruit under the lowest optimal oxygen partial pressure. One emerging technology is known as dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA). Commercially, there are four DCA systems used: [1] DCA based on ethanol production and accumulation (DCA-Eth); [2] DCA based on chlorophyll fluorescence (DCA-CF); DCA based on the respiratory quotient (DCA-RQ) and [4] DCA based solely on CO2 production (DCA-CD). This reviews the recent developments of these DCA systems and their effect on fruit quality. Generally, the storage of fruit under DCA has a positive effect on the overall fruit quality, with regards to reduced physiological disorders and higher flesh firmness maintenance, when compared to controlled atmosphere (CA). Evidence also shows that storing fruit under DCA-RQ and DCA-CD allowed higher volatile compound emission and concentration, which can contribute positively to fruit flavor. The DCA systems are “green storage technologies” because the system enables the increase of storage temperature and thereby saving electrical energy. Storage of apples under DCA maintains an overall fruit quality similar to CA combined with the ripening inhibitor 1-Methylcyclopropen (1-MCP), which is an interesting option for organic fruit storage. Dynamic controlled atmosphere is a recently developed storage technique and is in constant improvement. The latest developed DCA techniques (DCA-RQ and DCA-CD), in contrast to DCA-CF, allow the use of extremely low oxygen levels. In the future, new and multi-sensor DCA systems are under development, which might not just control O2 partial pressure but also temperature and other parameters to allow for more energy efficient but high quality fruit storage systems.

在最小的氧气条件下储存水果对保持最佳的水果质量至关重要。然而,水果的最佳氧分压因几个因素而不同,如物种、栽培品种、收获成熟度、温度、生长季节和贮藏期。基于这些因素,开发了贮藏技术,允许检测氧气下限(LOL)并在最低的最佳氧分压下贮藏水果。一种新兴的技术被称为动态控制气氛(DCA)。在商业上,有四种DCA系统使用。[1] 基于乙醇生产和积累的DCA(DCA-Eth);[2] 基于叶绿素荧光的DCA(DCA-CF);基于呼吸商数的DCA(DCA-RQ)和[4] 仅基于CO2生产的DCA(DCA-CD)。这篇文章回顾了这些DCA系统的最新发展以及它们对果实质量的影响。一般来说,与可控气氛(CA)相比,在DCA下贮藏水果对整个水果质量有积极的影响,包括减少生理紊乱和提高果肉的硬度。证据还显示,在DCA-RQ和DCA-CD条件下贮藏水果允许更高的挥发性化合物排放和浓度,这对水果的风味有积极的贡献。DCA系统是 "绿色储存技术",因为该系统可以提高储存温度,从而节省电能。在DCA下储存苹果可以保持与CA类似的整体水果质量,并结合成熟抑制剂1-甲基环丙烯(1-MCP),这是有机水果储存的一个有趣选择。动态控制气调是最近开发的一种贮藏技术,正在不断改进。最新开发的DCA技术(DCA-RQ和DCA-CD),与DCA-CF相比,允许使用极低的氧气水平。在未来,新的和多传感器的DCA系统正在开发中,这可能不仅仅是控制氧气分压,还包括温度和其他参数,以实现更节能但高质量的水果贮藏系统