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Cleaning validation is a vital step in the drug production process. It is to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs while switching between different products in a piece of equipment. Standard cleaning validation procedures are based on checking the cleanliness using liquid chromatography (LC). In average, it takes approx. 30 minutes and a significant amount of organic solvent before the production process is resumed into a next run assuming that the validation test has passed.



In this study it is shown that the cleaning cycle can be significantly reduced when using a fast IMS measurement technique. The cleaning examination is performed using Clopidogrel as a sample drug.



Analytical conditions实验条件:


OPTIC-AIMS, GL Sciences. MaSaTech.

Transfer Line导管:

Fused Deactivated Silica, 0.25mm x 0.1 m

Temperature transfer line导管温度:


Injection mode进样模式:

OPTIC Expert mode

Sample volume样品体积:

1 µL sample

Inlet temperature program温度程序:     

50°C 、60.0 °C/s、400°C Column Flow:  20.0 mL/min conditioned Air


75 mL/min conditioned Air, 6 sec

Drift tube temperature飘移管温度: 


Drift Flow漂移气体流量:   

900 mL/min conditioned Air

Analysis Time分析时间: 

150 s (including cool down time)


Sample Preparation样品制备:

The samples were taken from a reaction chamber that was used to produce Clopidogrel. A swab sample was prepared by wiping the chamber horizontally on one side of the swab. Each swab sample was then placed into a 20 mL vial containing 10 mL of Methanol. The vial was shaken for 2 minutes afterwards. 1 µL of the extract was injected into the OPTIC-AIMS.

这些样品是从用于生产氯吡格雷的反应室中提取。通过在拭子的一侧水平擦拭反应室,制备拭子样本。然后将每个拭子样本放入一个包含10 mL甲醇的20 mL小瓶中。然后摇小瓶2分钟。取1µL的提取液注入OPTIC-AIMS系统



Peak discovery峰特征:

Step 1: 1 µL injection of 0,7 µg/mL Clopidogrel in Methanol into the OPTIC-AIMS.

步骤1: 注入0.7µg/mL甲醇氯吡格雷1µL至OPTIC-AIMS中






As it is seen from the 2D plasmagrams, the OPTIC-AIMS analyzer is very much capable of detecting low concentrations of Clopidogrel. The compound is clearly visible before the wet cleaning. After the wet cleaning, the Clopidogrel is not detected. In accordance with the existing regulation, it is not permitted to have more than 0.7 ng/µL of Clopidogrel which is equivalent to 7 µg/swab rinsed with 10 mL of solvent.

从离子迁移2D图谱可以看出,OPTIC-AIMS分析仪非常有能力检测低浓度的氯吡格雷。该化合物在湿式清洗前清晰可见。在湿洗后,氯吡格雷未被检测到。按照现行规定,不允许有超过0.7 ng/µL的氯吡格雷,相当于7µg/拭子,用10 mL溶剂漂洗。

The OPTIC-AIMS system runs on conditioned (dry and cleaned) air. The analysis time is within 3 minutes. A low amounts of solvent (Methanol) is used for the sample preparation. At the same time, if an LC system is used for the cleaning validation, it consumes about 500 liter of solvent per year for the mobile phase if flow of 1 mL/min is maintained.

OPTIC-AIMS系统在经过调节(干燥和清洁)的空气中运行。分析时间在3分钟内。样品制备使用少量的溶剂(甲醇)。同时,如果使用LC系统进行清洗验证,如果保持1 mL/min的流量,每年流动相需要消耗约500升溶剂。